Scariest escape room

If you are looking for the scariest escape rooms near me, your search is over right here. Mission Escape Games have the most thrilling and innovative challenges that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. There is no doubt that the scarier the escape room, the more fun you are going to have. So grab a bunch of friends together and partake in the scariest escape room NYC. Get your heart racing, release some of those endorphins and make memories that you will never forget. If you have never tried one of these rooms before, the aim is to escape of room – but we are not going to make it easy for you! Our games have been put together by experts who know how to design and create a scary escape room NYC. We are an award winning team and you will be tested to the limit, so you can see exactly what you are capable of.

We are number one in the city and that is proven by customers who return again and again to sample the scariest escape room for miles around. So what is your challenge you might be wondering? You have 60 minutes to escape from the room of your choice by answering riddles and solving puzzles, based around horror and gore. There are a number of different rooms to choose from depending on what you like so there is something for everyone. Mission Escape Games might even go as far to say as they have the scariest escape room in the world. Our rooms are award winning and loosely based on scary books and movies to make your skin crawl. Some believe that escape rooms are cursed, so do you believe the hype or are you brave enough to try a haunted escape room near me? You are going to feel like you are smack bang in the middle of something very real and even scariest than you thought possible. Can you come out the hero, or will you perish in the haunted escape room near me? Make sure you choose your teammates wisely because the interaction depends on whether you are successful or not.
Forget going for a movie or hanging out at the mall, trying an escape room is the perfect past-time with friends or even a date. It’s a great way to break the ice because it takes a great deal of teamwork and communication especially in the scariest rooms that we have. If you are a fan of everything horror or even if your not, give some of these challenges a try and your mind is sure to be blown. Try our escape rooms and we guarantee that no other will come close. You can book a horror escape room near me online or over the phone with Mission Escape Games, so get in touch and let us take care of the rest. Do you dare to challenge the room and come out on top with the scariest escape rooms near me?

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